What is the Leadership Express?

The Leadership Express: a targeted, six-week approach helping senior executives prepare for their next career trajectory, transition or pivot.

Working together with certified professional coach Ilana Segal, we combine the best parts of coaching with personal branding. Our clients come out of the experience with:

  • A personalized, provocative narrative that will help you sell yourself
  • A solid LinkedIn profile
  • The internal mind-set to accept and successfully build on change
Why You Need The Leadership Express

Those that are looking to expand their career trajectory often have difficulty identifying their strengths and talents and struggle with the language to sell themselves. They also find themselves pigeon-holed by their current career circumstances.

Who Uses The Leadership Express?


  • Who have their sights set on/already contemplating their next career move
  • That are tired of coming in second
  • Can’t understand how others are securing job success and not themselves
  • Are letting their “inner critic” hold them back from moving forward
  • Looking for a more targeted career boosting approach than traditional outplacement strategies
What’s Stopping You?

Moving to the next career level or searching for a job is more difficult than ever before. Those that are hiring are now looking for advanced skill sets, people who are in tune with the times and can provide added value. You need to be mentally and physically prepared. Your resume is no longer enough to carry you to the next level. The Leadership Express helps you stand out in a crowded market where you need to create and communicate your positioning.

Two Experts Working For You

The Leadership Express works on a compressed timeline with two experts providing 360-degree preparation for the job-seeking candidate:

  • Ilana gets at who you are and who you want to be
  • Elissa helps you package it

We will:

  • Create and help you communicate your personal brand narrative
  • Set you up to be the most prepared candidate
How Does It Work?

Throughout the process of The Leadership Express, Ilana and Elissa work together. With the client’s permission, we share insights to ensure we are unlocking your leadership qualities and making them a central part of who you are.

The Leadership Express includes:

  • 4-5 Coaching Sessions (including an initial discovery session)
  • Narrative Discovery and Development
  • Interview Simulation: role playing so you know how to sell yourself and your new narrative
  • Resume Review – is resume a list of your job tactics or does it quantify how successful you have really been?
  • Develop a robust LinkedIn profile and the tools to continually amplify it
Discovery Session

Initial introduction meeting with Ilana and Elissa to determine coaching goals and learning how you will own your story.

Coaching Sessions

As a professional you will:

  • Discover: who are you now and who do you want to be?
  • Awareness: deeper knowledge of your core values, unique strengths and an understanding your inner critic and what role this plays in your life
  • Ability: to make different choices based on new awareness gained to enable you to move forward
  • Roadmap to success: learn how to move towards your desired future self with a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment

As you work with Ilana, you will create greater awareness and command of your strengths and opportunities. With new awareness you will be able to make the choices you are striving for. This prepares you to own your story in the narrative discovery and development sessions facilitated by Elissa.

Narrative Discovery & Development
  • Research: talk to colleagues/personal friends to learn more about you
  • Develop: a discussion paper to agree on common and provocative themes
  • Create: a new personal narrative
  • Develop: a robust LinkedIn Profile and the tools to continuously leverage it
Bringing It All Together

After your coaching and narrative work, Elissa and Ilana come together to help cultivate and embed your leadership presence.

We will deliver:

  • The physical and mental tools to keep you prepared for each opportunity to believe in yourself and sell yourself
  • A robust and creative LinkedIn profile you can be proud to share
  • A powerful narrative (your ‘elevator speech’) making you stand out from the competition
  • The tools to continue amplifying your narrative and LinkedIn profile
  • The confidence to step into your new opportunities
  • Sample interview preparation
Client Success

We’ve had the privilege of working with many clients who have moved up the ladder and into the C-Suite or pivoted to another career after engaging in The Leadership Express process. Here are just a few success stories:

We’ve worked with very different people, with very different goals. The one thing they have in common? They committed to a process that highlighted their strengths and weaknesses, allowed me to tease out that clarity of thought and create a profile that would sustain its impact over the long run.