What Clients Are Saying
Anick Losier
Director, Communications,
Canadian Medical Association

“Working with Elissa on media initiatives is a real treat. Not only is she one of the most knowledgeable PR professionals I know, but also she delivers on the promise. She knows how to put a story together (and no, not everyone can) to deliver the type of outreach you are seeking. She has a strong ability to keep us on track, is extremely efficient and, best of all, has a wicked sense of humour.”

Vince Rice
Director of Communications,
West Park Healthcare Centre (retired)

“Since Elissa has been working with West Park Healthcare Centre, Elissa has proven herself a highly skilled communications strategist and media relations tactician that has helped the hospital really step up its game. She took lead in developing foundational narratives that have allowed us to bring our brand to life. Her skills in cutting through the clutter have helped propel our story onto the front pages of national newspapers and prime-time TV spots. She brings a no-nonsense approach that is refreshing and deeply appreciated.”

Leanne Nicolle
President and CEO,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto

“Elissa is a real pro. She works at a cadence that is efficient and effective. I was thrilled with the work she did for us at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto in our response to youth violence in our City! She created a compelling event and got the media there to capture it!”

Nathalie Cook
Vice President,
TSN – The Sports Network - Canada

“During my tenure at Cimoroni & Company, I recognized the need to revitalize our narrative and create the right platforms to most effectively distribute that message. Elissa came on board and within six months delivered on all our objectives. Her experience and professionalism helped guide us but more importantly she worked collaboratively with our team members to achieve fantastic results.”

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